This Post is a Mishmash

Now that I am firmly rooted in summer vacation, I hope to be posting more. I’ve been busy trying to get the garden in (late!), playing with my new puppy Frank Reynolds (pictures to come), and general tomfoolery. We also took care of two other puppies – Peggy Hill and Wanda Jackson – for my sister. It was a real puppy party at my house. Five. Dogs. I’m really not sure how we survived.

I would like to describe this summer to my ten-year-old self: singing with with friends around a magnificent grand piano, writing to my beautiful and talented pen pal Laura Citino, attending Coffee Club with my friend Cory and getting to know some intelligent and warm individuals, trying every type of smoked meat I can find with my husband, romping with a pack of dogs in various sizes, and swimming in the pool with family and friends. I have also eaten an obscene amount of cheese. It is certainly not easy to be optimistic right now, but I am trying to actively seek out joy. Any opportunity we have to assemble a positive moment is worth the effort.

Before I post 800 pictures, I want to say thank you to Shirley Magazine for my newest publication. I also want to thank Passages North for selecting me as a finalist in the Neutrino Short-Short Prize and to Smokelong Quarterly for selecting my story for their long list. I also have a new song recorded which you can find here.

Okay, now. Pictures.

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